Our Story



Here at Cleo & Clementine, we create gowns and accessories that are just as one-of-a-kind as the women who wear them. Since 2008, we have been refining and perfecting our unique approach to special occasion apparel and accessories. Our process is rooted in creating unconventional designs and a remarkable experience for our clientele.

We draw inspiration from ethereal fabrics, brilliant colors and the irreplaceable feeling of turning a radiant vision into the perfect dress. Every item that leaves our Phoenix studio is infused with thoughtful artistry and handmade quality, whether it is a custom dress, hand-dyed veil or delicate lace garter.

Cleo & Clementine is led by the vision of Monique Sandoval. A visionary dressmaker, Monique has mastered the art of seamlessly combining whimsy with bold design, nostalgia with timeless style, and simplicity with striking details.

Monique and her team carefully select each and every fabric, which range from tulle to European lace to natural fibers, like cotton and silk. Then, they let their hands and imagination go to work, hand dying and blending hues to get just the right color; pairing unlikely fabrics together; then cutting, pinning and sewing to create truly original designs.

To begin creating your dream dress, please make an appointment to visit our Phoenix studio here.