Welcome To Cleo & Clementine


Hello! Thank you for visiting Cleo and Clementine. We are a dress making studio, specializing in custom made-to-order designs. Every single dress is made onsite, by hand, one at a time, by our skilled team of dressmakers.

Each dress is made with your comfort and individuality in mind. Hand dyed fabrics, custom details, and your exact measurements are artfully blended to tailor a dress just for you! Most of the designs in our collection are simple canvases, which allow endless options when it comes to styling. Commissioned (super fancy) dresses require a consultation and advanced booking.

We have compiled a list of commonly asked questions to help you get a better understanding of how we work.


Do I have to make an appointment to come into the shop?

Depending on why you are coming into the shop will determine whether you need to make an appointment. If you are coming in to browse and shop our ready-to-wear and accessories, feel free to stop in anytime we are open. However, if you want to come in to have a personal consultation with us about designing a custom dress it is required that you schedule an appointment so that we can devote the necessary time for you. 

How much does a commissioned dress cost?

Each Cleo & Clementine dress is lovingly made by hand by our skilled dressmakers. It takes many hours -if not weeks, starting from design concept, fabric sourcing, pattern editing, fittings and then the final construction of the actual dress.  As such, commissioned dresses range from $1,800-$4,000+.

What is your production time, and how far in advance do I need to book?

Depending on your dress design, production can take anywhere from 4 weeks to 6 months to create. We can begin production as soon as we have received your signed contract and payment. We know those things take careful thought and time to arrange, so we encourage you to place your order as far in advance as possible.

How do I place my order?

Each commissioned dress begins with a one-hour, one-on-one consultation where we will review your favorite inspiration sources.  We will spend time getting to know your personal style along with elements important to you, down to fabrics and color. 

After your consultation, you will receive a proposal with an illustration of your dress, a written description of your design, and a custom order contract with a price estimate for you to review.

Once you have made the decision to have your very own dress commissioned, a 50% non-refundable deposit and signed contract are required to begin production.

How do I prepare for my consultation?

Bring any images or sources of inspiration with you to your initial appointment. It will help us discuss options and aide you in creating your vision.

We recommend limiting the number of people you bring with you to 1-3 trusted friends or family members. Our space is intimate and there will be lots to discuss, so we want you to feel clearheaded and calm during your consultation.  And since we are actively in production with sharp tools and machinery, we ask that you leave babies and young children at home.  We love 'em but safety is important to us too!

Please avoid wearing heavy makeup or jewelry that could damage the sample gowns you will be trying on. And please understand that our creations are one of a kind delicate pieces, many of them works-in-progress for other clients, so we may ask you to look but not touch.  

Cleo and Clementine?

Driven by a love for design, dream worlds, nature, geometric patterns, brilliant color, frothy tulle, decadent silks and the desire to create the perfect dress—Cleo and Clementine is a place where dreams and dresses come together.

Each dress we create is lovingly hand-made to order (some are hand-dyed to color perfection) and customized as you wish to make your special day amazing. This lets us implement the highest quality techniques and textiles, while allowing tons of flexibility in sizing and timing.  Finally, you get to have the dress of your dreams,made just for you by people who get to know you and care about the final outcome.  We can proudly say "happily made in the USA".

We thank you for stopping by and look forward to working with you!